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Curriculum Development

Smartpen offers comprehensive curriculum development solutions addressing all relevant aspects, from development of curricula and learning materials, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of curriculum processes, as well as curriculum assessment. Instead of imposing predefined models or prescribing solutions applicable everywhere, Smartpen facilitates access to different experiences and assists organizations and their experts in gaining new perspectives on various issues. In this way, they can make their own informed decisions by exploring the advantages and disadvantages of different options in compliance with their own contexts and needs.

Our approach is based on principles such as:

  • creation of fact sheets and monographs on desired topics
  • supporting organizations in mobilizing the personnel they have
  • promoting exchanges and knowledge sharing
  • making available the most up-to-date information resources
  • fostering meaningful and productive interactions between local and international experts; and
  • encouraging the ownership, participation and creativity of local decision-makers and curriculum developers
We undertake curriculum development in all spheres of behavior change communication, social marketing, sexual and reproductive health, primary disease control, HIV and STI management among others.